Thursday, July 01, 2004

The State of the Neospooky Address

Here I am at a Massachusetts intersection in my life. I'd love a nice four-way Michigan east/west right now but instead I have this gangle of roads coming together going off to who knows where.

Today Alex went off to Basic Training. She's going into the Army Reserves. 4am at the recruiter, some old, wrinkled black man with a face like a olive soaked too long in oil rolled up in a beat-up minivan and took her away from here. Off to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Two months. Then I will be able to see her for a night or two before she ships off to Fort Sam Houston, Texas for another two months. What kind of irony that she goes to Basic to the very post I graduated from in February of 1998?

Ethan is in Colombia with his grandparents. Gwyn and Thoryn live in Michigan with their mother. Both of them have birthday's this week.

This is the state of my family. I'm living in Alexandria, Virginia.

.:Home Front Status: COMPLETE:.

My stint with the military is officially up July 23 this year. I finish outprocessing on July 8. I began my leave on 28 June. Yes, that's right. The Separations people couldn't fit me in so I get to take time off the new job I have in order to get reamed by HHC USAG on Fort Myer one last time. I have nothing against the Army and would recommend it to anyone. Avoid HHC USAG like the plague, though. Worse, avoid it like a dentist with leprosy. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

So, I began my terminal leave on 28 June, started my new job with a company that shall henceforth be known as BA the same day and decided to leave the job later that afternoon. I called another job prospect and accepted their offer with the complete intention of sitting here and collecting a paycheck until the offer was secured. Then I got home, found a better offer on my answering machine, accepted it, called back the other accepted offer and canceled (a very uncomfortable conversation) and now I am here. Sitting at a desk, with no one around, reading publications on security to appear busy while they scramble around playing with papers that somehow make me a more official employee. Until that time, I am in employment Limbo.

And I wait through the next couple of weeks collecting this paycheck while something better is about to solidify. Right?

.:Employment Front Status: COMPLETE:.

I have been writing a book for a couple of years now, on and off. It was largely written out of anger I felt toward the overpowering gender bias that exists in American culture today. I'm sure that will come up in the future so I'll leave it at that for now.

What is important to know at this point, though, is why the book has stalled. It's up to about 90 type-written pages but hasn't been touched in a couple of years. This is largely due to my wife, Alex. I found the fairy tale and couldn't hold on to that anger I had. She may be the single exception to the rule, but she's a powerful enough exception to flatten my inertia where the book is concerned.

Still, due to popular demand by certain family and friends, I will continue. Perhaps progress can be made while she is gone.

.:Personal Front Status: IN PROGRESS:.

And that's where I stand. A seven-year veteran, recently released, of Army intelligence who has seen four operations in the last five years and found the woman I, until recently, stopped believing existed. And in case you're one of those that thinks I'm still in the initial stages of infatuation to describe it like that, the 'infatuation' has lasted almost two and a half years.

She's the source, man. And I miss her.

And she's the main reason for this blog, though I'm sure it will branch out given my tendency to link all things by the merest suggestion of tangent.

~ Neospooky signing off in the early afternoon of 1 July 2001


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